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Mental Health Solutions Summit

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$40 for the certificate/CEU portion ONLY. 
More information coming soon! 

Presenter: Caroline Leaf
Mental health issues are not on the rise; rather, it is the mismanagement of mental health that is the problem. Too often people are given a label and told they are a broken machine with a broken brain. Anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, PTSD—many people now see these as diseases that cannot be cured, only managed. People’s stories are forgotten, their histories ignored, and their identities taken away. Yet we all struggle with mental ill-health. Emotional pain is not a malfunction. The solution does not lie in a diagnosis or a pill. The solution lies inside of us: our minds. In this conference you will learn scientifically-researched mental self-care techniques to help you overcome mental ill-health, help others, and help your community. You will not only gain more knowledge about the current problems in mental healthcare, but also about real, long-term sustainable solutions, and how to apply these solutions in your own life and in your community.
For more information and to sign up visit: https://drleafconference.com/
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