Organizing Language Therapy: Fun Narrative Instruction

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  Char Boshart, MA CCC-SLP

Language therapy is typically abstract, tough to plan for, and difficult to document improvement.

In this three-hour course, you’ll learn a language therapy SYSTEM, if you will, that will save organization and planning time, establish therapy continuity from therapy session to therapy session, and improve your stress level and sanity.

You’ll learn the Keys to Language Therapy Instruction (research-based strategies you’ll want to include in your therapy sessions to help your kids learn and retail), and, the “INSTIL” Program (a therapy acronym) that outlines a new Narrative Therapy Method that’s not only fun for your kids, but effective, and assists in the transfer of knowledge outside your therapy room.

We’ll cover how to successfully use stories, poems, and readers theater. It’s fun!


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Name at least five methods to organize and expand their language therapy impact.
  • Demonstrate three activities to teach vocabulary from initial exposure to generalization.
  • List and explain at least three learning strategies to help students increase their word consciousness.
  • Describe three specific methods to merge language lessons with reading and writing, and implement narrative language and literacy activities.
  • Name several current language books, materials, apps and websites that are highly effective and user-friendly for the school SLP.
  • List and briefly describe the Instill the Love of Words therapy sequence.
About Char: Char Boshart, MA CCC-SLP is a speech-language pathologist, author, seminar presenter, and president and co-founder of Speech Dynamics, Inc. She graduated with her Master’s degree from Western Michigan University under the extraordinary tutelage of Dr. Charles Van Riper, the “father” of articulation therapy during the final years of his illustrious career. 

Char began her career in the public schools in the early 70’s with a caseload of over 110 children. Since then, she has worked many years in the public schools, developed and ran her own private practice, and, for seven years was an Assistant Professor and Department Chair of the Speech Pathology and Audiology Department at Loma Linda University in southern California. Her interest in creating effective therapy techniques has evolved into the development of several practical articulation publications, videos (articulation and language), and articles.
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Additional Information

This course is offered for 0.3 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate Level, Professional area)

Course Timeline:

60 minutes: Describe the Keys to Therapy Instruction, The Nine Necessities, and Using Questions in Therapy.
60 minutes:
The "INSTIL" Acronym: The Instill Love of Words Language Therapy Method, and Instilling Word Consciousness Via the Use of Narratives in Therapy.
60 minutes:
The Process of applying the INSTIL method in Narrative Therapy: Stories and Poems, and applying the INSTIL method in Narrative Therapy: Reader's Theatre.

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