Early Childhood and AAC with Speech & Language Songs

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Michelle Dawson, MS, CCC-SLP, CLC and Stephen Kneece, MA, CCC-SLP
In this episode Michelle is joined by Mr. Stephen Kneece, MA CCC-SLP, the charming southern gentlemen who is the mastermind, voice, and musician behind the YouTube Channel “Speech & Language Songs”. Stephen, who serves as the Assistive Technology Consultant for Aiken County School District during the day, joins Michelle to share his passion for all “thangs” AAC. Core Vocab, Fringe, the struggles of choosing an AAC device, and evidenced based options if Speech Generating isn’t the way to go at this moment, are all covered in this dynamic power-hour!


By the end of this PodCourse, participants will be able to identify and describe:

  1. Evidence behind selecting core vs fringe vocabulary during a Speech Therapy session.
  2. Three considerations to make when selecting an operate AAC Device for a pediatric patient.
  3. Three EBP non-speech generating device options for pediatric patients.
About Michelle: Michelle Dawson, MS, CCC-SLP is an accomplished lecturer and PEDs Therapist, she has written and given numerous ASHA approved CEU lectures on such topics as Infantile Spasm and Oropharyngeal Dysphagia, along with Apps and ST, and co-authored a course on Best Practices in EI.  She has also given an AOTA-approved lecture on Sensory Integration from the SLP perspective.  Michelle has delivered lectures at the SCSHA Convention and twice with the SCATP Expo. 

About Stephen: Stephen Kneece, MA, CCC-SLP, is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist working and living in Aiken, SC.  He writes, performs, and records Speech and Language Songs, which can be found on Instagram, FB, and his dynamic YouTube Channel “Speech & Language Songs”. He also serves as an Assistive Technology Consultant for Aiken County School District, and as the President Elect-Elect for the South Carolina Speech-Language Hearing Association (SCSHA).
Additional Information

This course is offered for 0.1 ASHA CEUs (Introductory Level, Professional Area)

Time-Ordered Agenda:

0-10: Introductions and Backgrounds
10-20: Define what is core vocabulary and guidelines for targeting core vs fringe vocabulary during therapy with someone utilizing AAC20-30: How to choose and operate AAC devices
30-45: Process to follow for those who are not ready for a complex Speech Generating Device and explore options
45-1:00: Questions and Answers

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Financial: Stephen Kneece is a presenter for SpeechTherapyPD.com and receives royalties.

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