Pain Management for the 21st Century (PT's, PTA's)

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 Dr. Tom Watson
This course will explore the latest in research and evidence that will equip healthcare and allied healthcare professionals to provide more complete and appropriate treatment options and overall care for their patients in the area of pain management.  


 The participant will learn:

  • 3 steps in the transmission of pain information to the brain.
  • 3 scientifically validated therapy interventions for pain treatment.
  • 5 different medication classes for pain management that therapists will see.
  • Evaluation and treatment interventions for 3 therapy diagnosis.
Additional Information
Duration: 6 Hour

Course Level: Intermediate

Course Timeline:

60 min: 
Neurobiology of Pain
60 min: Chronic Pain Pharmacology
60 min: The Mystery of Craniofacial Pain
60 min: Sciatica and Fibromyalgia: What Are They?
60 min: CAM: Complimentary and Alternative Approaches to Pain Management
60 min: Physical therapy and Pain Management

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