Approaches to Increasing Capabilities of Individuals with Attention, Auditory Processing and Aspergers Syndrome/ASD

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Judith Belk, PhD, CCC-SLP, CCC-A Pediatric Focus: Approaches to Increasing Capabilities of Individuals with Attention, Auditory Processing and Aspergers Syndrome/Autism Spectrum Disorder
This course will examine the role of some successful approaches to engage and support individuals who struggle to tune in to and process essential auditory and/or visual information and at the same time also tune out background or non-essential details. We will highlight means available to professionals to work with clients who have difficulty in self-regulating attention. There is some new thinking by people with Autism Spectrum Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome issues that helps them understand and manage their underlying sensory, executive thinking and social communication challenges. As clinicians, we need to have this insight. Finally, we will explore a program to increase self-motivation in our clients and ourselves. Dr. Belk may be joined by the developers of some of these programs to co-present.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe initial presenting concerns of individuals later diagnosed with attention, auditory processing and co-existing deficits
  • Identify major deficits in attention regulation and auditory processing particularly in the Asperger's Syndrome/Autism Spectrum Disorder population
  • Describe various therapeutic approaches for attention regulation and auditory processing disorders identified in the Asperger's Syndrome/Autism Spectrum Disorder population
About Judith: Judith Belk, PhD, CCC-SLP, CCC-A, has credentials in Speech- Language Pathology, Audiology, Developmental Psychology, Special Education, Counseling and EEG (Neurofeedback) and Biofeedback. Her work settings have included universities, hospitals, clinics, private practice and schools. She works with individuals, families, parent groups, school districts and community agencies.
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This course is offered for 0.3 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate Level, Professional Area)

Course Timeline:

10 minutes: Introduction: The clients and their presenting issues. Clients diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome/Autism Spectrum Disorder who seek help with auditory processing and attention

30 minutes: Assessing auditory processing and attention skills

65 minutes: Selecting and designing therapies for this population

30 minutes:  Introduction to the WINS model

30 minutes:  Introduction to MRT cognitive behavioral therapy program and its use with our clients

15 minutes:  Closing summary

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