AAC Partner Strategies for Success

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Presenter: Tanya Curtis, MS CCC-SLP
Course Preview:

All nonspeaking people can benefit from some form of augmentative communication (AAC), but questions abound as to how users of AAC move from simple cause and effect devices or low tech communication boards to static and more complex dynamic display systems. Regardless of the type of communication tools the individual is using, there are some tried and true techniques that will facilitate success. It is imperative that everyone working with a child who uses AAC has a global understanding of what makes AAC successful, and how to implement it. This course is intended to build a foundation of knowledge required for effective AAC intervention through practical application of research, video examples/case studies, questions, and discussion. The course is geared towards people with limited to intermediate AAC experience seeking to support children and adults who use AAC. This would include general and special educators, paraprofessionals, administrators, parents, caregivers, and therapists (SLP/OT).


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify 3 or more pitfalls that impede the success of the AAC user;
  • Identify 3 factors that must be present in the child's environment for successful use of AAC;
  • List 3 or more strategies to increase a child's use of their AAC system.
About Tanya: Tanya Rose Curtis, MS, CCC-SLP loves to share her passion for AAC with clinicians, teachers, AAC users, and family members.  In addition to direct services provided through her private practice, Ms. Curtis provides remote consultation, training and support to AAC users, therapists, and families across the U.S. and abroad via web conferencing. At this time she is particularly interested in supporting and teaching eye gaze communication methods, and literacy skill development for people who use AAC. She has developed content and teaches AAC evaluation workshops for AAC TechConnect.com, and frequently presents at Closing the Gap and ATIA conferences. It is her joy to witness AAC users demonstrating functional communication skills, and to train others in how to make it happen. Ms. Curtis is a graduate of Western Oregon University, and currently resides in a rural Montana community with her husband and three children. She has been practicing in AAC for 20+ years.
Additional Information

3 Hours

CE Credit:

Course Level:
Intermediate, Professional

Course Timeline:
30 Min: Introduction/Overview
30 Min: AAC language Forms and Organization strategies
30 Min: Strategies for Communication
30 Min: Good Facilitators
30 Min: Literacy Development
15 Min: Transition Strategies
15 Min: Conclusion and Wrap-ups

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