Build a Big Bang for the Buck Vocabulary Framework

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Presenter: Sarah James, MS CCC-SLP         
As SLPs we know that words matter! We know that there are over 1 million words in the English language. We know that it is critical that we choose and focus on high impact vocabulary and use high impact strategies to build meaning. This session will provide research, strategies, activities, digital tools and online resources to assist in making these paramount decisions.


Following the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Define academic/instructional vocabulary and name resources
  2. Define test taking vocabulary and name resources
  3. Name links to classroom expectations and success   
  4. Name digital tools and resources

About Sarah: Sarah James is an accomplished speech-language pathologist, seminar leader, keynote speaker and consultant. She has worked extensively in several public-school systems and has a wide-range of experience in helping SLPs to connect communication skills with classroom expectations, curriculum targets and state standards.

Sarah is the author of the book Current Best Strategies to Help SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGISTS Accelerate Therapy Progress and Academic Success. Also, she was the president of the Minnesota State Speech-Language-Hearing Association, where she received the coveted Honors Award of the Association.

In addition to implementing direct speech, language, and literacy instruction, she continues to travel and provide numerous well-received speech and language seminars through the Bureau of Education & Research, as well as privately. She also has five practical language CEU Videos at

Additional Information

This course is offered for 0.15 ASHA CEUs (Introductory level; Professional area)

Course Timeline: 

15 minutes: introduction

15 minutes: academic/instructional vocabulary

15 minutes: test taking vocabulary

15 minutes: link to classroom expectations   

15 minutes: digital tools

15 minutes: closing, recapping of information

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Financial: Sarah James is a speaker for and receive royalty payments.
Non Financial: No relevant nonfinancial relationship exists.
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