Play. Pause. Learn. Using Engaging Media & Games to Support Social Learning

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Presenter: Anna Vagin, PhD, CCC-SLP
In this special TWO PART course, we will discuss the use of visual supports that are critical to maximized learning. We will review the basic elements of strong and effective visual supports, and in small groups, practice manipulating a variety of materials. Before we look at media, we will discuss our students, and review a framework that allows us to group them based on language skills, perspective-taking ability, and the understanding of emotions. We will talk about strategies for grouping students so that everyone gives-to and gets-from all members.Our exploration of media will begin with the use of YouTube videos to build social emotional learning (SEL) by expanding emotional vocabulary, understanding changes in emotions, and building students’ ability to reflect on their own emotional experiences. Most students with social learning challenges need to become more comfortable with their uncomfortable feelings. We will focus on specific activities addressing relationships, including: (1) cooperation and flexibility, (2) “jerky”, annoying and overly-competitive behavior and (3) restoring relationships and dealing with misunderstandings.

After this course, participants will be able to: 

  • cite research justifying using movies and videos as engaging material for students with social learning challenges.
  • describe 2 different types of visual supports and explain how they could use them with students with whom they work.
  • describe three specific activity threads you can follow when using a Masha video with a student with whom you work.
  • propose how you might use a game to support social learning. 
  • explain why silence is an important mediating tool.
  • show how “Block and Box” can be used to organize features of a social concept such as problem solving.
  • write a goal targeting social learning for a student that uses a rubric to document progress.
About Anna: 
Anna Vagin, PhD, CCC-SLP, author, presenter, and therapist who develops innovative programs that use popular movies and YouTube Videos to teach the intricacies of social interaction and relationships will be joining us on the cruise and will be putting on a two day workshop entitled: "Play, Pause, Learn: Using Engaging Media (& Games?) to Support Social Learning.". This two-day workshop will be applicable for SLP, PT, OT, and Educators.


You can read more about Anna at her website:

Additional Information

This course is offered for 1.2 ASHA CEUs (Introductory Level, Professional Area)

Course Timeline:

DAY 1:

60mins: Introductions, research findings, educating administers 
90mins: Visual support explorations 
30mins: Grouping students 
60mins: What is YouCue Feelings for SEL 
45mins: YouCue Feelings for SEL part 2
60mins: Gaming to build resilience 
15mins: Setting up for success


90mins:  YouCue Relationships 
30mins:  YouCue Relationships-part 2
45mins:  Role play practice 
90mins:  Movie Time with movies and TV shows 
60mins: Goals and tracking progress 
45mins: goals and tracking progress and Q&A 

Disclosure Statement for Anna Vagin:
Financial: Anna Vagin is a presenter for and receives royalties. 
Nonfinancial: No relevant nonfinancial relationships exist.

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