Leadership Qualities for the Modern Female SLP

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Presenters: Michelle L.W. Dawson, MS, CCC-SLP and Treva Graves, MS CCC-SLP
In this course Michelle is joined by the Etiquette guru co-director Treva Graves, MS CCC-SLP, of Trevagraves.com.  Treva, a former Miss Iowa America winner and ASHA Leadership Development Alumni, is a highly sought after guest speaker and personal trainer in the areas of Image, Executive Coaching, and Accent Reduction.  In this episode, she addresses some of the largest personal fears and failures that hold women leaders back, whether it be from moving forward in the corporate world to holding them back from starting their own business.  If you need a kick, or a push to take the next personal step towards leadership, then this course is for you!

By the end of this PodCourse, participants will be able to identify and describe

  1. Three traits of female leaders.
  2. Three “hold-backs” to leadership and strategies to combat these self-defeating tendencies.
  3. The term “image” and how it can be positively used to help them grow as a leader.
About Michelle: Michelle Dawson, MS, CCC-SLP is an accomplished lecturer and PEDs Therapist, she has written and given numerous ASHA approved CEU lectures on such topics as Infantile Spasm and Oropharyngeal Dysphagia, along with Apps and ST, and co-authored a course on Best Practices in EI.  She has also given an AOTA-approved lecture on Sensory Integration from the SLP perspective.  Michelle has delivered lectures at the SCSHA Convention and twice with the SCATP Expo. 

About Treva: Treva Graves, MS CCC-SLP, is an image creator, a sought-after speaker, and corporate training consultant specializing in building image, communication and business etiquette skills with companies and her clients. As an image & communication expert, Treva has the ability to see you through a different lens; that of being, your authentic self. She is passionate about empowering men and women to present their best selves through the power of a first impression and communicating with impact that will propel you forward to the success that you deserve. Treva believes that success is led by the power of your communication skills just as much as using good business etiquette in the workplace. Her seminars and individual coaching provide her clients the confidence to be your own image icon, your style - your way! Treva has been involved in the fashion and image industry for 3 decades as a print and runway model, commercial actress, makeup artist and was crowned Mrs. Iowa America where she won many local and national awards.  She has cultivated her own brand of style and has appeared on several magazine covers including SHE and Women’s Inc. Her articles on communication, confidence and style are a “hot topic” for several local publications and global websites including dr.laura.com, thriveglobal.com, professorshouse.com and wellness.com. By defining your style, your image can pave the way for you to be happy and successful in whatever you do. Treva is a licensed speech pathologist with 25 years of experience working in the medical, educational and business sector and a collaborative partner with Precision Leadership Group where she focuses on building executive presence, leadership skills and women in leadership. She is a professionally trained image coach and holds certifications in business etiquette, speech communication, makeup artistry, leadership facilitation and foreign accent reduction. She is excited to publish her first book, The Style File, sharing her experience and expertise on how to dress for success with joy every morning! Treva believes that an organized closet = a happy woman!
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This course is offered for 0.1 ASHA CEUs (Introductory Level, Related Area)

Course Timeline:

0-10: Introductions and Backgrounds

10-20: Identify and discuss 3 traits of a strong female leader. 

20-30: Identify and discuss 3 “hold-backs” that females can place on themselves and some strategies to combat these self-defeating tendencies.

30-45: Discuss term “image” and how it can be used to grow as a leader.

45-1:00: Questions and Answers

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Financial: Treva Graves is a presenter for SpeechTherapyPD.com and receives royalties.

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