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Leigh Ann Porter, MA, CCC-SLP & Julia Kuhn, MS CCC-SLP 
Ever thought about hitting the road and taking travel assignments? Wondering how to make the travel lifestyle a full-time gig? Julia Kuhn of “The Traveling Traveler” fame is joining Leigh Ann to discuss the nuts and bolts of short-term travel assignments. Julia will reveal how to get a job as a traveling therapist and how to determine if the travel opportunity is lucrative. Julia also discusses the characteristics and skills that make a good traveler and if traveling is a good decision for your career. Check out the show notes at for links to Julia’s resources.

By the conclusion of this Podcourse, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify how to find agencies that staff traveling therapists and how to get a job as a traveling therapist.
  2. Identify the clinical and interpersonal benefits of being a traveling therapist.

About Julia: Julia Kuhn, MS CCC-SLP is the leading expert in traveling as a therapist. She has been a traveling speech-language pathologist since 2010 and specialized in adult neurogenic rehab. Outside of clinical work, her passion is helping other therapists be successful travelers and she has mentored thousands of traveling therapist along their journey. You can find resources and inspiration from Julia on her blog

About Leigh Ann: Leigh Ann earned her master’s in Communication Sciences from the University of Central Florida in 2013, and has enjoyed being an SLP ever since. While at UCF, Leigh Ann was part of a grant to prepare SLPs to work with English Language Learners, earning a graduate certificate of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Leigh Ann now resides in Kansas City where she divides her time working across outpatient, acute, and inpatient rehab settings. She has presented for ASHA CEUs to regional SLPs on topics such as how the respiratory system and cough influence dysphagia, a review of the literature on dysphagia exercises, and generating measurable dysphagia goals. For multidisciplinary continuing education with PTs and OTs, Leigh Ann has presented on topics such as Cognitive Retraining with an emphasis on memory strategies, and the SLP’s scope of practice & making appropriate patient referrals to the SLP. 

Additional Information

This course is offered for 0.1 ASHA CEUs (Introductory Level, Related Area)

Time-Ordered Agenda:

1-3: Welcome and introduction 

3-8: Qualities that make a good travel SLP. 

8-12: The allure of travel assignments. 

12-23: The nuts and bolts of traveling: insurance, stipends, taxes, etc. 

23-30: Where can you work and how do you find a travel job? 

30-35: All about state licenses.  

35-42: Work schedule considerations: PTO (or lack thereof) 

42-50: Julia’s resources to explore regarding that ‘travel SLP life’. 

50-60: Question and Answer

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