Private Practice: How to get Referrals

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Presenters: Michelle Dawson, MS, CCC-SLP and Jennifer Tardy
In this episode Michelle is joined by business savy Mrs. Jennifer Tardy, with “PT the OT Therapy and Wellness, originally from Millinocket, Maine, however currently residing in Lexington, SC. In this lecture we tackle the largest fear of small business owners, “how do we ethically obtain referrals?”. Jennifer, a successful Director who currently manages referrals for three different businesses, offers her functional/practical insight into how you too can make it in the world of habilitation/re-hab…and still maintain your glass-half-full disposition!

By the end of this PodCourse, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe process by which they may obtain referrals.
  2. Name and describe 2 locations they could obtain referrals from.
  3. Identify and explain 2 criteria to determine order of need when multiple referrals have been received
About Jennifer: Jennifer is an experienced Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Integrative Health Coach. Her passion for health and wellness goes back over 20 years. She currently works with families and children of all ages and stages to educate, inspire, and encourage healthy habits that will last a lifetime though her business, "Eating for Healing". Jennifer is also the Director and Referrals Coordinator for "PT the OT Therapy and Wellness" which she co-owns with her husband, Paul Tardy, who works with special needs children. Together they have 5 children, ages 13-21, one of whom has special needs.

About Michelle: Michelle Dawson, MS, CCC-SLP is an accomplished lecturer and PEDs Therapist, she has written and given numerous ASHA approved CEU lectures on such topics as Infantile Spasm and Oropharyngeal Dysphagia, along with Apps and ST, and co-authored a course on Best Practices in EI.  She has also given an AOTA-approved lecture on Sensory Integration from the SLP perspective.  Michelle has delivered lectures at the SCSHA Convention and twice with the SCATP Expo. 

Additional Information

This course is offered for 0.1 ASHA CEUs (Introductory Level, Related Area)

Course Timeline:

1-10: Introductions and Backgrounds

10-20: Discuss process of obtaining referrals to start a private practice.

20-30: Discuss benefits/drawbacks of certain referral sources

30-45: Discuss how one determines the order of need when multiple referrals have been received simultaneously.

45-60: Questions and Answers

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