Instill the Love of Words: Multimodality Language Instruction

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Presenter: Char Boshart, MA CCC-SLP
This two-hour seminar focuses on children, therapy, and words; words they hear, say, read, write, and even draw.  We explore why some children dislike words and language in general, and present strategies to counteract the “dislike” and awaken the “joy” of playing with words. 

How to incorporate movement into your therapy is covered.  Movement can be used to generate memory, meaningful language and literacy connections, keeping them on task, and enjoyment.

We want our kids to develop a fascination with words and language to intrinsically want to learn more.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe at least three reasons why some children dislike learning “words” and how attitude can impact therapy success.
  • Demonstrate at least three multi-modality methods to teach words, and have kids learn and apply them.
  • Explain why movement in therapy is a key to learning.
  • Describe three methods to generate movement in therapy to promote interaction and memory.
  • Explain the process of using “story” as a core therapy technique to teach semantics, syntax and grammar, and critical thinking skills. 
About Char: Char Boshart is a therapist, seminar presenter, author, podcast host, and president of Speech Dynamics. She graduated with her Masters from Western Michigan University and began her career in the public schools. Since that time, she’s worked many years in the schools, in the clinical setting, private practice, and as an Assistant Professor and Department Chair at Loma Linda University.

Since 1993, she has presented numerous well-received articulation and language presentations through Speech Dynamics,, as well as through the Bureau of Education and Research (BER).  She writes a weekly blog called “Therapy Matters” and is the host of the podcast, The Speech Link, and is the author of the well-received book, The Easy R.

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This course is offered for 0.2 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate Level, Professional Area)

Course Timeline:
15 minutes: Why some children dislike words specifically and language generally.
45 minutes: Five critical components and activities to instill the love of words.
25 minutes: How to use “story” as the core language catalyst to instruct semantics, syntax and grammar, and critical thinking skills.
20 minutes: How to use and apply Animated Literacy.
15 minutes: Practical suggestions for doing word books.

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