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Kristen King PhD CCC-SLP

Kristen King, PhD, CCC-SLP, joined the faculty at the University of Tennessee in August of 2008 where she is an assistant professor and Director of the Tennessee State Lead Center for Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury. She also has been appointed to both the national and international medical advisory boards on TBI for the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation. She received the William Webster Endowment Fund Award for neuroscience research.
She currently teaches courses on both children and adults, including cognition and brain injury, motor speech disorders, medical speech pathology, and more. She directs the Neurocognitive Linguistics Research Laboratory, where she investigates the impact of brain injury on attention, memory, processing speed, reading, and language.

A Clinical Perspective on Treating Patients with Trachs and Vents
Treatment for Cognitive Disorders following TBI: Current and Future Perspective

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