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Dr. Jim Chesnutt MD

Dr. Jim Chesnutt is a board certified specialist in Sports Medicine and is the Medical Director of the OHSU Sports Medicine Program. He is a Portland native who has been working at OHSU since 1995. He first worked at OHSU Gabriel Park Family Health Center with a Family Medicine and Sports Medicine practice but now limits his practice to sports medicine. Dr. Chesnutt is active in community sports medicine programs that support the local schools and other organizations promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles. He lectures across the state and nationally on running and sports injuries, concussions, sports physicals and healthy eating and exercise. He specializes in treating fractures (broken bones) without surgery and treating other injuries and exercise-related medical problems in patients of all ages. Dr. Chesnutt provides sports injury evaluations, diagnosis and treatments including injections, splints or casts, surgery, rehabilitation and Injury prevention. His goal is to keep athletes and recreationalists engaged in healthy active lifestyles.
Advances in Concussion and Traumatic Brain Issues A Collaborative Team Approach

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