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Glenn Weybright MS CCC-SLP

Glenn Weybright, has been a speech-language pathologist for 34 years working first at the Hearing and Speech Institute (then called the Portland Center for Hearing and Speech) as a clinician and then head of speech-language pathology, and, since 1984, in private practice in Portland and Lake Oswego, where he sees children and adults with a wide variety of communication problems.  Clinical special interests include children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, ASD, and children and adults who stutter.  Glenn has a history of stuttering and participated successfully as a client in PSU's Stuttering Clinic in 1969. When not helping people with communication disorders, he enjoy running, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and birding. He was employed as a kayak guide/naturalist in Sitka Alaska during the summer of 2008. Glenn has a wife Debbie and four children and two grandchildren.


Working With School-Aged Children Who Stutter
Comprehensive Approach to Teaching Teens and Adults Who Stutter

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