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Ellen N. Friedman MA CCC-SLP

Ellen N. Friedman, MA CCC-SLP owns a private practice in Ohio, where she works clinically in out patient, school, home health and teaching settings. Former president of the Northeast Ohio Regional Association of Medical Speech/Language Pathologists, Ellen began her subspecialty voice practice in 1993, which has expanded to include pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients who have voice, swallowing, digestive, and speech/language deficits. 

Ellen has taught in the graduate school of speech pathology at Kent State University, and was also on the faculty of Cleveland State University, where she taught clinical procedures. On the national level, Ellen teaches CEU courses in the areas of dysphagia, adult failure to thrive, social skills, voice, and reflux disease, and is published in the fields of voice and gastroesophageal disease. 

In addition to being a speech/language pathologist, Ellen is a professional actor, vocalist, acting coach, and director. 

Treating Voice Disorders in the Pediatric Population
Voice, Breathing, and Digestion: The Triad Relationship and its Holistic Treatment

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