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Anna Vagin, PHD, CCC-SLP

Anna Vagin, PhD, is a licensed speech/language pathologist with over 30 years experience. Currently in private practice in Marin County, she provides individual sessions and social learning groups to families and children 6 months through young adulthood. Her particular interest is using media to support social thinking in students with diagnoses such as ASD, ADHD, NVLD, Language Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Social Communication Disorder or Twice Exceptional.

Dr. Vagin received her doctorate from UC Berkeley and SFSU, writing her dissertation on the subject of mother-child interaction in children with cleft lip and palate. Her particular areas of study were attachment theory, early child language, and cranio-facial disfigurement. She studied mother-child interaction with Anne Fernald, PhD at Stanford University’s Center for Infant Studies.

She provides consultation to parents and schools, and is a frequent speaker in the US and Canada on topics related to social cognition. Recipient of the CSHA District 1 Outstanding Achievement Award, she is the author of Movie Time Social Learning (2013) and YouCue Feelings: Using Online Videos for Social Learning (2015).     

Assumed Knowledge: Strengthening the Core of Social Cognition (6 hours)

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